Friday, May 15, 2015


Being that it is #FlashbackFriday, we wanted to recreate an old picture from the 1940's. The children above are looking out to the Thames and below the class is overlooking Trafalgar's Square in Central London.

Also going along with todays theme, outside of The National Gallery stands a statue of George Washington. Washington was originally working for the British military, but ended up fighting against them when the people in the U.S. rebelled when they wanted to stop paying high taxes to the British. As we know, he went on to become the first ever President of the United States of America.
The bronze statue is a replica of Jean Antoine Houdon's marble statue in Richmond, Virginia, and was given to the Nation in 1921 by the 'Commonwealth of Virginia'.
Fun Fact: Washington apparently said, "I will never set foot in London again!" so dirt was brought from Virginia and that's what he's standing on.

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