Class Profile

Samantha Wyatt '16  "Sami"

Hometown: Binghamton, NY

Major: Business Administration 

Fun Fact: My mom studied abroad in London in college also!

What I am most looking forward to: Experiencing new things!

Lillian Burtner '17 "Lilly"

Hometown: Easton, PA

Major: International Studies and Business Administration

Fun Fact: I have traveled to Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Canada

What I am most looking forward to: Trying new foods and attempting to speak with an accent!

Julia Derco '17 
Hometown: Hackettstown, NJ                   

Major: Education and English 

Fun Fact: Travelled to Italy in June 2014 to play Field Hockey

What I am most looking forward to: Experiencing the culture within the UK and Ireland!

Mikayla Gowett '17

Hometown: Mechanicville, NY

Major: Bio Chemistry and Biology

Fun Fact: My sisters and I have the same birthday, but we're all 3 years apart. I'll be 20, and my younger sisters will be 17 and 14.

What I am most looking forward to: Visiting Buckingham Palace and seeing Big Ben 

Amanda Banner '17

Hometown: Mullica Township, NJ 

Major: Psychology 

Fun Fact: I'm going to play soccer in Costa Rica a day after we get back from this trip!

What I am most looking forward to: Going on the London Eye 
Elizabeth Paolucci '17
Hometown: Canaan, NY 

Major: Business Administration; Art Minor 

Fun Fact: This will be my first time on an airplane

What  I am most looking forward to: Seeing things I have never seen before!

Sara Riggs '18
Hometown: Honolulu, HI

Major: Nursing 

Fun Fact: My grandmother and great grandmother went to EC!

What I am most looking forward to: Eating different food, experiencing a different culture and just traveling in general!

Baily Williams '18
Hometown: Dixfield, ME

Major: Biology with a concentration in Pre-Med

Fun Fact: I have done an 18 hour rotation on the OB/GYN floor at Central Maine Medical Center and observed 4 C-sections!

What I am most looking forward to: Traveling to another country; I've never been out of the United States besides Korea

Michaela Johnson '17
Hometown: Schoharie, NY 

Major: Childhood Education and Mathematics

Fun Fact: I've never flown or traveled to another country!

What I am most looking forward to: Spending time in London and trying to find the Queen!

Mariama Diallo '17
Hometown: Originally from West Africa, Guinea but currently live in Bronx, NY 

Major: Nursing

Fun Fact: I speak four languages: Fulany (native language), French, Arabic, and English

What I am most looking forward to: I am looking forward to visiting beautiful places and learn more about them!

Chelesa Turnbull '16

Hometown: Walden, NY

Major: Psychology and Human Service 

Fun Fact: I speak Patios 

What I am most looking forward to: White Cliffs of Dover and the Buckingham Palace

Alison Wolfe

Hometown: Corning, New York 
Field:  I am a full-time tenured faculty member at Elmira College, in the Business and Economics Division.  During the Fall and Winter terms at Elmira College,  I offer courses in marketing and international business. 
Fun Fact: This is my 10th anniversary of offering the Term III travel course, entitled, "HUM1915 - The History, Peoples,and Institutions of United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland". 
What I am most looking forward to:  Working and traveling with the eleven students:  Amanda, Baily, Chelesa, Elizabeth, Julia, Lillian ("Lilly"), Mariama, Michaela, Mikayla, Sara, and Samantha ("Sami")

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