Elmira College

About Elmira

  • Founded in 1855, Elmira Female College was the first college in the world to grant a baccalaureate degree to women, equal to those granted to men.
  • Simeon Benjamin, known as "The Founder," was instrumental in the College's location in Elmira, the growing commercial and cultural center of the Finger Lakes region.
  • The Mark Twain Study is located on the Elmira College campus
  • Elmira College, born of idealism and nurtured in success, remains a place where leaders come to learn.

Quick Facts!
  • 102 clubs and organizations on campus
  • $24 million given in scholarships annually 
  • 11:1 is the student to faculty ratio
  • 16 students is the average class size
  • 40% of students study abroad
  • 3 National Championships

UK and Ireland Trip History
  • This trip is the second longest study abroad trip offered here at EC. This trip was founded by Emeritus Professor Parkhouse 30 years ago for Elmira College Students. Professor Parkhouse taught the course solo for 21 years. Professor Parkhouse and Professor Wolfe co-taught the course for 4 years "together". For the past 6 years Professor Wolfe has offered the course as the sole instructor. 

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