May 1

What a busy day we had... We first started our journey from our hotel bright and early at 5:30 am,  then we made our way to Dublin Port where we took the ferry over the Irish sea to Wales. This boat ride provided time for the group to catch up on our journal entries and of course some much needed sleep! 
Once in Wales we headed to the train station where we were informed our original train was cancelled and instead we now had to take a total of four trains to get to our final destination of Edinburgh, Scotland.

 At times we weren't sure we would make our connecting train on time, with team work and strategic thinking... WE DID IT! 
To wrap thing up, our original train would have arrived around 2pm, however,  one cancellation and four trains later we finally concluded our day of traveling to Edinburgh at 9pm.

Irish Memento

While in Ireland a few of students from the group wanted to purchase a meaningful keepsake from the Irish culture. This led us to the Celtic Jewelers where we heard the story of the Claddah ring.

Once upon a time, so the story goes, a young Irish sailor was captured and sold into slavery. Far from his native land he held the memory of his sweetheart deep in his heart, he never forgot her. Years later, on his safe return to Galway his gift to her was a claddagh ring. Forged with the skills he had learned during his imprisonment, it was a token of his enduring love. "With these hands I give you my heart, and I crown it with my love".

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