May 4

As today was our last day in Edinburgh, Scotland the group was able to go separate ways and explore the city! 

Today, Julia met up with her friend named Hannah who is from Glasgow, Scotland. The two met at a summer field hockey camp in Massachusetts where they both had the role of camp counselor. Little did Julia and Hannah know that the next time they would meet would be in Edinburgh!

Michaela, Elizabeth, and Sara went to the Edinburgh Dungeon after hearing what a great time others in the group had yesterday. Also, Sami, Lilly, Mikayla, Amanda, and Baily went to the Elephant House for a bite to eat after the great reviews from the others.

This morning a few brave souls decided to take on Blackford Hill at the end of the Royal Mile. It is safe to say that the hill seemed smaller when we were at the bottom but after the trek to the top and seeing the view from above, the climb was well worth it!
Visit the link to read more about Blackford Hill

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