May 18

As todays hashtag suggests, #MonumentalMonday, the class visited The Shard. We were able to view the city of London and Westminster from the 69th as well as the 72nd level where the open air observation floors are located. 
While visiting the Shard, we also learned the story of Romeo the fox.

 In early 2011 the now infamous young fox cub dubbed "Romeo" spent two weeks roaming free at the top of The Shard. Keeping hidden, he managed to survive on scraps of food left by builders as the completed building works. Romeo had managed to sneak his was to almost the top of The Shard by the central stairwell. At the end of his two week stay he was caught by Southwark Council pest control. Romeo's story made headlines around the globe, making him one of the world's most famous foxes as well as the first ever occupant of The Shard.

Tonight we had our last meal as a class. We enjoyed a catered meal by Regent's University and even had a special guest, Sue Gill. She shared numerous historical facts about Kings and Queens such as King William III and Queen Mary II. 
She also shared some of her stories about being a tour guide in London. Our class had a wonderful time with our special guest of the night as she provided inside information about London and the most influential Kings and Queens of all time.

 Tonight we say our last goodbyes to this beautiful city in hopes that one day we will return again. 

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